Monday, 16 July 2012

Personal Story- Ntiata Hlao

Ntiata Hlao

I am Ntiata Hlao, a single mother with physical disabilities.  I was trained at Itjareng Vocational training Centre from 1988 – 1989. I was trained in knitting and sewing. I use two calipers and crutches in order to get around.
I struggle very much because I do not have any material to continue with what I learned at Itjareng.  I also don’t have any money to purchase material to do knitting or sewing.  As a mother, I have to help my child with school fees, food, and clothing, but it is very difficult to support her and fulfill my family’s needs.
 I have always gone out of the house to find whatever I can do to make money to help myself and my child but nowadays I am stuck at home.  I would continue to go out, but my calipers and crutches are all broken.  I tried to go to the hospital and look for help.  I did not get any help; they told me I was supposed to have proof from the government (the Ministry of Health and Social Welfare). It was then that I realized that Queen Memorial Hospital is not the Government Hospital like Queen II Hospital. At Queen II I used to get everything that I needed relating to my disability.
I now have to crawl whenever I need something around the village, and even when I go to Maseru to get the M100.00 that I get every month.  I finally got the wheelchair from Lesotho National Association of the Physically Disabled (LNAPD), through Extension office. I would like to thank this help because I will then be able to go around.
I am appealing to the government of Lesotho to help us get our assistive devices.   As people with disabilities we deserve to be respected as human beings, not looked at as animals that are laughed at as they crawl upon the ground.  People with disabilities have rights just like anyone and need to be protected by the government where necessary. 

Tuesday, 3 July 2012

New Management

New management at IVTC
Stephen Thoahlane, LNAPD Chairperson, ‘Manapo Mokitimi, former 
IVTC Administrator, Mapitso Ranooe, LNAPD Vice Chairperson

 On 15 June 2012 Itjareng Vocational Training Centre threw a farewell party for the departure of Mrs. ‘Manapo Mokitimi as IVTC Administrator. Mrs. Mokitimi has been working as the Administrator of Itjareng from May 2010 until May 2012. Mrs. Mokitimi’s tenure was historic as she was the first female Administrator in the history of Itjareng. LNAPD and the Itjareng staff want to thank her for the work she did in these two years.

Mr. Molise Foso, IVTC Administrator

On the same day LNAPD also welcomed the successor to Mrs. Mokitimi: Mr. Molise Foso.  His appointment marks a new opportunity for Itjareng.  Mr. Foso is a young and qualified individual for the position of Administrator.  He also has something in common with many of Itjareng’s staff and trainees—he boasts a physical disability.  We look forward to working with Mr. Foso to achieve the objective of IVTC: providing vocational skills to people who are physically challenged, mentally challenged, or deaf.  With the work of Mr. Foso, many disabled persons in Lesotho will have the opportunity to create a successful future for themselves.